Stargate Competition

Stargate Competition 2024

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The Stargate Competition offer the opportunity for student teams and any performers to showcase their talent to an amazing international audience (We have a prestigious jury, which will qualify according to the rules of the competition).

This competition aims to promote the artistic work of teachers, students and independent dancers who share the same love and passion for salsa.
Rewarding hard work with a generous discount for the full pass of our festival for all competitors, in addition to offering the winners the opportunity to present their preformance at our gala nights in which only shows by professional artists will be presented.

And finally with a full free pass for our Dance Congress Hamburg 2025 for the best score in the competition

Registration open for the following categories:

  • Solo Salsa Show
  • Couple Salsa Show / Duo Salsa Show
  • Salsa Show Groups

The Salsa style for your preformance is completely your choice.

Please note that there is a maximum number of 10 spots per Category. Once filled all spots, the Stargate is completed and we can’t accept more competitors.

The possibility of competing in more than one category is valid for an extra payment of 60 euros

How to register?

Send us an Email to:

With the following data:

Name or names of competitors:


Where you come from:

 Photo of you in good quality:


After sending your email with the complete information, you will receive a response from us with the bank information for the transfer to obtain your competitor pass (which includes the full pass).
When the transfer reaches us you will receive a new confirmation email, guaranteeing registration for our competition with the corresponding details.

The price of the competitor pass costs only:

100 euros  until 31.12.23.

120 Euro until 30.03.24

130 Euro until 31.06.24

140 Euro until 31.10.24

Please note that after your registration email is responded to, you must register your team members within 7 days and artist passes must be purchased within the same period. Without payments, your application will be void and your spot will be given to the next team to apply.

If a performer drops out of the team until the event, they can be substituted by the team leader for another performer (name change). If a performer drops out of the team until the event and is not substituted by another performer, their pass will be declared void. They can keep their pass by paying the price difference to a regular pass at the time of registration. Performer Passes are by default non refundable.

More Info : +49 1626 897 058 (Whatsapp)