You can't miss these incredible parties, 3 days of parties in 2 incredible rooms with the best DJs

We have capacity for up to 3 large dance rooms for you, with the best atmosphere and music you can listen to and dance to. We also have a bar with the appropriate drinks for the occasion and of course entertainment with our salsa stars, who will make you enjoy with the impressive energy that carries them.
In the two large rooms the music will be played in the following proportions:
Room 1: 80% Salsa 20% Bachata
Room 2: 80% Bachata 20% Salsa
in case of public request :p
Salsa 3: Mixture of all the Latin rhythms you can imagine: Merengue, Reggaeton, Cumbia, Reparto, etc.

The Party begins immediately after the incredible shows that you cannot miss, at approximately 11 p.m.
At the ecstasy point of the party we will have an incredible animation with our stars, come and dance with everyone without thinking about tomorrow.
Just like on Friday, you can’t miss the shows of our incredible stars (believe me YOU CAN’T MISS THE SHOWS) that starts promptly at 10:30 p.m. and approximately at 11 p.m. Exactly after the incredible performances the party begins in all the rooms.
Let yourself be surprised by the powerful energy of our artists and the unforgettable animations they will offer! I can not wait!!!
Our Sunday farewell party starts directly after the workshops! Yes, we start early in the theater so we don’t miss the shows on Sunday! shows which will leave you wanting to see more! and they will motivate you to keep dancing until the end! obviously the animation with the stars will not be missing.